About Ross

from Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula

“I’m passionate about eating natural foods. I started early in life when I cooked for mum as she worked in the evenings. My father is a vegan so I learned about raw foods. My family and neighbours grew vegetables, and I helped them prepare delicious home-cooked meals”.

“I enjoy talking with people about food, the flavours, the health benefits they give us, and cooking them. I take photos of my meals and post them on Instagram to share ideas with the community so they could try making them at home.”

Photo: Ross plays with food mindfully such as peeling a mandarin in focus for as long as he can without breaking it. Somers Beach by Kath Haydon Photography

His Personal Side

Overcoming a health issue

Ross experienced health issues in his early 30’s and developed a case of psoriasis, a skin condition of red, scaly spots mostly on his legs. The spots spread on his hands, arms and head during the flare-ups. After years of medical advice and several medications that were unsuccessful, Ross was advised that the ‘disease’ is incurable.

Ross was beginning to lack self-esteem. One day he went to a public event on a humid day where he noticed people eyeballing his legs and making comments, and he felt the depression hit him again. Enough was enough. Ross researched the causes of skin conditions and discovered the core issue. Next, he researched natural remedies that can assist the issue. He discovered apple cider vinegar in its raw form helped balance the acidity of the body. The spots disappeared in a few months and Ross was delighted to wear shorts again. He was so excited that he could fix and manage the issue based on his research. His skin has improved since, and so has his mental health.

The experience helped Ross understand how people’s feelings can be affected by physical health issues which can have an impact on their mental health.

Ross with David Uzzell, a deaf chef in Washington DC, USA.

Getting there

The Business

After a career change, Ross studied cookery and worked at two cafes. A close colleague suggested that he deliver cooking classes on Livestream from his home, to help deaf people to eat more healthy foods. Ross created Deaf Chef Ross website and Facebook Page. He also completed a business course to develop a business plan.

Ross travelled to the USA and interviewed deaf chefs to gain some insights on their career life. Alan Abrams (Atable! in New York City) and David Uzzell (Washington DC) both stated the importance of educating children very early about eating foods with nutrients. Ross discovered his niche! He wanted to coach people and help them to introduce more nutrients in their diets by developing their food knowledge and cooking skills.

Ross registered with the NDIS for his business to deliver accessible services to NDIS participants.   

Ross was granted a scholarship and is studying Advanced Certificate in Human Nutrition and Health Coaching with Cadence Health so he can become a nutritionist.

His wish is to help people to improve and manage their health with available healing foods and natural food medicines.