Business and Governance

Deaf Chef Ross was established in November 2017. The business is operating from a residential-based office located in Seaford VIC 3198.

Ross Onley-Zerkel is the sole trader delivering programs and services as the provider.

Deaf Chef Ross is NDIS Registered Provider No. 4050034370


To reach out to members of the Australian Deaf Community and the wider communities, and;

  • share information about foods with nutrients,
  • explain the risks involved in processed foods,
  • encourage food appreciation and home-cooked meals,
  • offer ideas on healthy meals and dishes,
  • coach home-cooking skills.


Increase the number of people who can confidently choose quality food and cook healthy meals in their homes instead of relying on processed foods.


Documenting records for evidence must be:

  • Relevant: the evidence is related to the process/system being reviewed.
  • Reliable:
    • The evidence is from staff knowledge and/or experience related to the process/system being reviewed.
    • The reliability of evidence is strengthened when it can be documented through different information-gathering methods.
  • Current: the evidence is up to date to demonstrate achievements over time.
  • Accurate:  the data must be true and correct.
  • Adequate: there is should be enough evidence to indicate outcomes.

    Governance and Management

    Deaf Chef Ross Administration will manage:

    • Policies and procedures
    • Business licences, Trademark and IP
    • Domain addresses (site and email)
    • Database and Record-keeping
    • Marketing
    • Finances and bookkeeping
    • Insurances
    • Quality Improvements and Audits
    • Documents and Forms
    • Services and programs
    • Feedback and Evaluations
    • Equipment and service maintenance
    • Vehicles and travels

    Please contact us if you require details.

    Intellectual Property

    Deaf Chef Ross is fully trademarked. 

    Deaf Chef Ross services, information and documents are protected and managed by the Trademark and Copyright Laws.


    The Coach provide services via videoconferencing and onsite visits. 

    • Set and flexible programs
    • Coaching services
    • Workshops

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