Cancellation Policy

Your Rights and Responsibilities:

Cancellation notice is 2 (work) DAYS or 48 HOURS

Clients will be required to give at least 2 business days notice if they want to avoid paying the full fee for cancelling an appointment.


If you need to cancel an appointment on Wednesday 1:30pm, you need to tell us before 1:30pm on Monday or earlier.

For cancelling Tuesday, you need to tell us before 12 noon on Saturday or earlier, because Sunday is the weekend.


A reminder is sent to you by email several days before your appointment. It will allow you some time to cancel an appointment before it is too late.


You must text the Coach if you are late for an appointment.

The appointment may still end on the finish time because of the following appointments.

Deaf Chef Ross will still charge the full appointment time.

No show

The Coach will wait for up to 30 minutes and will still charge for the full appointment time.

Cancelling an appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment, you need to tell us as early as possible.

Cancel appointments repeatedly

If you cancelled or rescheduled appointment 3 times in a row, your program may be ended.

Rescheduling appointments

We will contact you to reschedule appointments that were cancelled.

Your overtime allocated funds will be used to pay for the extra appointment. If the allocation has run out, we will need to do a new service agreement if your NDIS plan have funds.

Deaf Chef Ross appointments

If the Coach will be late or cancels an appointment, they will contact you as early as possible.

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