• You do not have to cook in this program
  • Discover food that may help improve your health​
  • Video calls by appointment
  • Resources for your cooking
  • Access to your notes

Information about your program

  • understand what foods are healthy and unhealthy

  • talk about food in your pantry and fridge

  • talk about nutrients and the benefits for your health

  • ideas on healthy meals you want to cook

  • access cooking class videos and resources

  • design your meal plan

The goals are flexible:  

  • increase your knowledge about food

  • improve your skills in food preparation and cooking

  • practice kitchen tasks safely

  • store and reheat your food safely

  • plan weekly meals and snacks

After your program:

  • review your program, feedback and suggestions

  • receive a report with suggestions to improve your food knowledge and healthy eating

  • choose to do another program or end it