• Flexible service
  • Weekly or Intensive program
  • Melbourne, regional and interstate
  • Video calls or personal visits
  • Visual recipes and resources for your cooking
  • Access to your notes
  • Extra tasks to help you with:
  • recipes and cooking instructions
  • understand healthy and unhealthy food
  • sort out your pantry and fridge
  • sharpen your kitchen knives
  • plan your weekly meals and snacks
  • motivate you to cook!

Questions to ask yourself


Do you want to, or know how to:

  • plan healthy meals easily?

  • cook vegetables that matches?

  • keep the nutrients in vegetables while cooking and prevent overcooking?

  • cook one vegetable in different ways?

  • cook protein (meat, poultry, seafood etc) properly?

  • have a food coach motivate you to cook?

 If you answered yes to some or all of the questions, this is the program for you!

Information about your program

  • talk about food that are in your pantry and fridge

  • get ideas on healthy meals

  • understand recipes

  • prepare and cook healthy meals

  • access cooking videos and resources

  • plan your meals and design a meal plan

The goals can be flexible:  

  • increase your knowledge about food

  • improve your skills in food preparation and cooking

  • practice kitchen tasks safely

  • store and reheat your food safely

  • plan weekly meals and snacks

  • review your program, feedback and suggestions

  • receive a report with suggestions for practical activities

  • choose to do another program or end it