Misconduct is a wrongful behaviour that upsets or hurts people, is inappropriate or illegal.

It is important for everyone to feel safe in a healthy environment.

Wrongful behaviours are not acceptable in any appointments via video conferencing and visits.

Examples of a misconduct

  • Punch, slap or kick a person
  • Yell, scream, shout at a person
  • Swear, show rude gestures
  • Ignore or look away on purpose
  • Bully, tease or harass a person
  • Make a person feel uncomfortable
  • Fight or violent
  • Fool around that is dangerous
  • Talk or show sexual behaviours
  • Touch a body wrongly
  • Steal money or things
  • Lie and dishonesty
  • Break or damage things
  • Refuse to follow safety rules
  • Not following a policy or procedure
  • Use of alcohol or drugs

Actions of a misconduct

If a misconduct happened during an appointment, the Coach has a process to follow:

  • The Coach will remove themselves for safety reason if it is necessary
  • If you have a support worker or carer present, they will be given the responsibility to address the incident
  • The Coach will inform the site manager or family and seek support if necessary
  • An incident report will be documented with the site manager or family, Deaf Chef Ross and NDIS
  • The Coach may review the situation with you and identify the trigger of the issue to work on a solution
  • A restriction may be placed if you want to continue with the program
  • If wrongful behaviours have repeated, the Coach may consider cancelling the Service Agreement after discussion with you
  • If you/the participant has behaviours of concern that are known to the support persons, these behaviours must be advised to the Coach at the time of the introduction
  • Any relevant behaviour plans or reports should be provided at the introduction
  • While the Coach have significant expertise in working with people with disabilities, they are not a behavioural expert

This policy apply to all persons involved in the appointments including videoconferencing.

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