Make sure you talk with your LAC or NDIS Support Coordinator.

Tell them “I want a program with Deaf Chef Ross to help me improve my cooking and eating (diet).”

It is important to have it in your NDIS plan.


People who are deaf or hard of hearing face barriers to accessing information in a linguistically appropriate and culturally sensitive format. As such, their knowledge and skill with regard to food and cooking means they often make unhealthy choices.
Programs delivered by providers using Auslan interpreters can lack that direct, deaf-friendly cultural approach for deaf people.

Now we have Deaf Chef Ross!


The supports we are registered with:

  • Services to interpret or translate another language [03_090_0121_1_1]
  • Social and Community Participation [09_008_0116_6_3] or [04_210_0125_6_1]
  • Assistance with Daily Living – this is for clients living in Supported Independent Living Accommodations (SIL) [01_801_0115_1_1] or [01_020_0120_1_1]
  • Assist-Travel/Transport [02_051_0108_1_1] – special arrangements only


Our programs can help clients reach their goals to independently:

  • Develop food preparation and cooking skills
  • Improve food knowledge and making healthier choices
  • Develop safe food handling and kitchen management skills
  • Understand good nutrition, organic foods and healthy meals
  • Prepare, cook and serve meals
  • Use equipment safely
  • Explore assistive equipment and technology to increase the ability to prepare and cook meals
  • Interact with trained chefs and cooking mentors in fluent Auslan with the deaf-friendly cultural Approach, also a social and community participation opportunity.

Letter for NDIS

We have prepared pre-written a letter for your NDIS planning and review.

Download here: Letter for NDIS

Deaf Chef Ross is a registered NDIS provider: 4050034370
Deaf Chef Ross does not charge GST to any NDIS-funded programs

Comparison Chart

Mainstream cooking service

Hearing mentor, 2 interpreters
Deaf mentor, Auslan, adaptable to communicate and deliver accessible information
Pay mentor out of your pocket
Pay interpreters with NDIS fund
Pay with NDIS funds
$250 (out of pocket) + $250 + $250 = $750 each session
$270 + $45 travel = $315 each session (less $45 if using zoom)
Mentor may have limited or no knowledge of Deaf people
Mentor is experienced from life experience
Third party approach
Direct and cultural approach
Limited information
Full 100% information access
Limited resources
Well-resourced for clients
Third party information delivered
Direct information delivered
Non-social approach
Social approach at ease
Uncomfortable in asking questions or seeking constructive feedback
Comfortable to receive constructive feedback and the confidence to ask questions
Limited knowledge of accessible services for referrals
Full knowledge and directory of accessible services for referrals
Ongoing support limited
Ongoing support with access ie. FaceTime, texts, Auslan videos
Assessments are structured for hearing clients and may not be suitable for Deaf clients
Assessments with direct approach results in customised and tailored programs suitable for the client to learn knowledge and skills
Time = longer (additional costs)
Time = effective and efficien
Speaking then Auslan then listening - all translations
Auslan - fluent
Interruptions for communication during the tasks ie. tapping shoulder for attention
Direct communication during tasks
4 people in the kitchen
2 people in the kitchen
Small kitchen? Crowded
Small kitchen? No issue
Zoom? 3/4 people on the screen (interpreters too)
Zoom - 1:1 on the screen
Group of third party
Direct 1:1
Client could be uncomfortable, experiencing audism (google this)
Client is comfortable, relaxed, be themselves, and disability is similar
Extra disability? Mentor may be unskilled, and interpreters may not adapt we
Extra disability? No issues. Deaf community have members with various disabilities, and we adapt very well
Client may feel dependent on mentor/interpreters
Client feels independent with our mentor
Information in English
Information in simple English, Auslan, visuals, and demonstrations suitable for deaf people’s limited literacy skills
Local area
Mentor will travel (30 mins covered by NDIS, the rest covered by business unless negotiated with the client depending on the distance)
Not the client’s “choice and control” if the NDIS choose the service provider or refuse our (Deaf Chef Ross) service
Client’s “choice and control” requesting our service

Results? Deaf Chef Ross services are effective, efficient, and half the price as a direct service provider.

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