The Auslan video is for the information below

Welcome to Deaf Chef Ross!

Thank you for your service request. 

On a video call recently, we have set up an appointment for your Program Assessment. 

What is the assessment for?

  • to get to know each other
  • talk about your food and cooking interests
  • plan a program to reach your goals
  • sign a Service Agreement
  • set up your program and arrangements

Before the appointment, please:

  1. read the Terms of Service (Step 1)
  2. read the policies (Steps 2-5)
  3. fill in your Program Assessment form (Step 6)
There is an Auslan video in each policy.

Terms of Service

For the Service Agreement



Late or cancelling appointments


Your Privacy

Your data and files



Rules for behaviour & respect


Video Calls

Instructions for video calls


Food & cooking interests

Please fill in the form

Have you done your preparation?

It is important that you understand the Terms of Service and the policies.

This is because you will be signing a Service Agreement at the assessment. 

If you have questions, you can ask Ross. He is happy to clarify them for you.


Food and Cooking Resources

  • cooking videos
  • recipes
  • meal ideas
  • information

Service Information

Detailed information and procedures about the services and programs