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Eat Smarter Program

Want to eat well, make smarter food choices, and feel better?

This program is for anyone wanting to make simple, healthier food choices that will improve your everyday health, introduce variety into your daily meals, know how to swap the bad for the good without sacrificing taste, and develop the knowledge and skills to make fresh, delicious, and enjoyable food choices every day!

Program details:

You will develop knowledge and skills on:

  • Choosing food that is healthy
  • Know which foods and drinks are unhealthy
  • How to understand food labels
  • How to eat the healthy way every day
  • Why nutrients are important for our body and gut health
  • Which equipment can help with healthy cooking
  • Tips for healthy cooking at home

This program can be delivered as a 3-session or 5-session package

Perform Better Program

Feeling tired or drained? Want more energy? Did you know your food and drink choices are a major contributor to how you feel each day? 

Learn how what you eat and drink affects your mind, body, iron levels, muscles and gut. You’ll learn to make simple changes and start fuelling your body for peak performance – at work, the gym, sports team, and in everyday life. 

Program details:

  • How to gain nutrients for exercising (sports and gym)
  • How protein, iron and carbs are important for energy
  • Dangers of processed foods and drinks for sports
  • Hydration
  • Food and drinks before, during and after exercising
  • Snack ideas

This program can be delivered as a 3-session or 5-session package

Improve My Health Program

Want to boost your immunity, strengthen your bones, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some illnesses? 

This program is for people who have specific health concerns and want to understand how food may help manage health issues. If your doctor has recommended a change in your diet, or if you just want to reduce your risks and feel better, we help you choose the right foods and drinks, and build a meal plan to help you achieve your specific health goals.

Program details:

You will develop an understanding on

  • The diet-related information given to you by your doctor or health specialist 
  • How to create nutritious meals that support your health goals
  • How to manage health conditions with healthy foods
  • Suggestions on what you can and cannot eat
  • Tips for healthy cooking at home  

This program can be delivered as a 3-session or 5-session package

Make Better Meals Program

You can prepare better meals, in less time and for less money, that your family, friends, and even picky eaters will love!

Whether preparing school lunches, dinners for family, or entertaining at home, this program helps you gain confidence in cooking a variety of healthy and tasty meals, with simple recipes and meal plans.

Perfect for busy and growing families, single and divorced parents, and entertaining – plan your weekly meals and snacks with satisfying and nutritious choices.

Program details:

We help you plan your weekly meals and snacks, using healthy ingredients the entire family will enjoy, and help:

  • Guide you on meals and ingredients to prepare
  • Use as a shopping guide
  • Monitor your meal intakes
  • Help you stay on track
  • Review and adjust your diet regularly
  • Tips for healthy cooking at home

This program can be delivered as a 3-session or 5-session package

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