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Terms of Service

It is important you know what you and Deaf Chef Ross agree on your service agreement. It explains your Rights and responsibilities, our rights and responsibilities, paying for services and the service agreement.


You must cancel appointments before 48 hours = 2 days. If you cancel in 1-2 days we have to charge you. The policy also explains about reminders, being late, no show, change or cancel appointments.

Video Calls

If we use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Duo or other video calls, you must follow the rules. Watch the video. The policy also explain do’s and don’ts, setting up before the appointment, what happens when technical issues happen, etc

Your Privacy

Your information and files are safe in the computer. Only admin office can access. The policy also explain that you can ask for your information, NDIS audits, and how we keep your information. You have the rights to know.


It is important everyone respect others and feel safe. The policy describes what are the wrong behaviours and what happens if that happens.


If you are not happy, you should feel that it is okay to tell us. We are open to feedback so we can improve the service for you to feel satisfied about your program. There is a video explaining how we accept complaints the professional way.

COVID Safety

Remember to keep a distance between us and if you cough, must do it in your arm away from me. The policy also have rules on how to prevent spreading COVID if we come to your house. If we are on zoom this policy is not necessary (included)

Home Visits

It is important that we feel safe if we come to your house for your program. The policy explains what to do if your house is not safe and how to manage it. Examples: cleanliness, dogs, children, clutter, sick people and renovations.

For more information

There are more information for each policy. Please go to our Policies webpage and read or watch Auslan videos.

Your Agreements

This is the Service Agreement for your program with Deaf Chef Ross.

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