Risk Management Policy

Deaf Chef Ross has a Risk Management policy which serves two purposes:

      • To identify, reduce and prevent incidents
        • To review past incidents and apply solutions to reduce and prevent future incidents

          Your responsibility is:

          You must have your first aid kit near you when you do your cooking program on the video with the Coach.

            Dignity of Risk

            The programs involve risky tasks such as using a knife, cooking equipment and appliances.

            You will be made aware that there are safety procedures to follow to prevent an injury while you are using or handling:

            • a sharp knife
            • an item with sharp blades or points
            • the stove and oven
            • hot surfaces
            • frozen items
            • electrical appliances
            • cooking equipment
            • food storage

            You will need to understand the risks involved if the tasks are mishandled.

            You must inform the Coach if you need assistance with kitchen tasks and equipment.

            You or your support person must inform the Coach if you have a health issue that can put you at risk while doing the tasks.

              Areas of concern

              • Issues, problems and complaints relating to the service
              • Behavioural issues
              • Preventable injuries
              • A health issue that occurs during a service
              • Food poisoning
              • Social media comments
              • Videoconferencing appointments

              Examples of risks and solutions

              Behavioural issues

              If the participant is known for having behavioural issues, a support worker is required to be present during the appointments and to assist the participant when necessary.

              Preventable injuries

              Example: cuts or burns

              In case of an incident during the appointments, the Coach will ensure safety first, and can perform basic first aid if required, and immediately seek for support.

              The site manager or carer is required to show the Coach and the participant the location of the first aid kit in case of emergency.

              Health issues

              Example: medical condition ie. epilepsy

              If the participant suffers a seizure during the appointment or delivery, the staff will ensure safety first, and provide basic first aid to the participant if required, and immediately seek for support.

              The participants are requested to alert the Coach to any medical conditions they may have that are relevant or a risk to the provision of program services in the Service Request form.

                Food poisoning

                Example: the participant suffers from a food poisoning from cooking a meal during the practical activities.

                Deaf Chef Ross and the Coach will not be held responsible or liable for any medically-reported food poisoning incidents.

                Videoconferencing appointments

                If an incident happens during a video call:

                • The Coach will try and assist the participant remotely to manage the incident, and immediately request assistance from the support people or carer if they are on site. If no one is on site, the Coach will contact the support staff
                • If the incident is a misconduct concern, the Coach may end the call and contact the support staff or carer
                • The Coach will complete an incident report

                Social media

                Deaf Chef Ross has rules for posting and commenting on the social media sites:

                • No offensive/bad language
                • No misconduct and abuse
                • No irrelevant posts or comments

                If any of the rules are ignored by members of the site, Deaf Chef Ross will use the following procedure:

                1. Remove the post or comment
                2. Send a warning to the member
                3. Remove and block the member if they repeated the incident

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