Service fees

Our NEW hourly rates

effective from 1st October 2023




(9am – 5pm)



(5pm – 9pm)



(9am – 6pm)

Program quotes

Talk about Food

1 or 2 sessions:

Prices per session

Weekdays – $297
Evenings – $324
Weekends – $384

Help your Health

2-3 sessions:

Prices per session

Weekdays – $297
Evenings – $324
Weekends – $384

Plan your Meals

1-2 session:

Prices per session

Weekdays – $297
Evenings – $324
Weekends – $384

Quotes explained


Example of a session and the costs:

A zoom session of 1.5 hours x $99ph delivery = $148.50 + 30 minutes non-F2F support $45 = $193.50

If the client requests translated details, information, or resources, they are usually developed in one hour x $99ph = $292.50 total.

The quoted $297 per session is a buffer in case of extra time or service is required.

If the client has four sessions of 6 hours without resources developed, it would be a total of $774 for the program of the three services (Talk about Food, Help your Health, and Plan Weekly Meals) as long we have helped them achieve their goals.


Supports from us


Supports included in the quotes: 

  • Introduction (free)

  • Assessment and planning

  • Program delivery 

  • Information and resources

  • Non-face-to-face (administration, reporting, and communication)

Extra supports charged:

  • Overtime (30 minutes blocks) 

  • Resource development

  • Extra sessions

  • Provider’s travel

  • Transport assistance

    Service fees will be invoiced after each session.

    They are charged for the services provided by the hourly rates.

    We will charge more if we provide extra support.

    Examples: overtime, resources, and provider’s travel.

    All fees will be listed on the invoices. 

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