Transport Assistance Policy

We can transport you from your home or accommodation to the nearest supermarket for you to get the food and ingredients for your cooking program only if;

  • You cannot drive
  • You cannot use public transports
    • Your partner or support person/worker/carer did not drive you or collected the ingredients for your cooking program

      If you use this service, it will come out of your NDIS plan for Assist-Travel/Transport [02 series]

        • You must notify the coach ahead of time to arrange this before your cooking session. They may have set commitments to attend after your program
        • While at the shops you can buy the food and ingredients only for your cooking program recipe for that session
        • After the food and ingredients is bought, we will transport you back to your home or accommodation for your cooking program
          • The transport assistance service is for one time only, like in an emergency
          • You cannot use the transport assistance service for any other items or matters
          • We want to minimise our staff and clients being at risk because the staff are not ‘Support Workers’

            If the coach arrive and you did not have food and ingredients for your cooking program, you both can decide whether to cook with the food and ingredients that are already in your kitchen, or to cancel the appointment and pay the full amount invoiced. 

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