Terms of Service

The Terms of Service is an agreement between you and Deaf Chef Ross.

Your Rights and Responsibilities:

  • Read and understand all of the policies
  • Ask questions for clarifications
  • Attend the appointments on time
  • Have food, ingredients and equipment ready
  • Do the food preparation and cooking tasks
  • Give the Coach feedback about the service

The Coach Responsibilities:

  • Deliver your program as agreed in the Service Agreement
  • Focus on your goals and skill developments
  • Do a review with you about your program
  • Make sure that you understand the instructions and tasks
  • Encourage you to practice your skills
  • Listen and respect your feedback
  • Keep notes of your program in your database
  • Respect your privacy and dignity

Paying for services:

The service fee is an hourly rate. Invoices are sent after each session.


  • planning 
  • delivery
  • resource development
  • research
  • review
  • administration
  • 2 hours extra time just in case


  • sent to you if you are a self-managed NDIS client
  • sent to your plan manager if you are a plan-managed NDIS client
  • are claimed from your NDIS portal if you are a NDIA-managed client
  • sent to you if you or your organisation is funding for services or workshop

The payments are to be deposited in a bank account using the direct deposit method.

The invoice offers 14 days for payment

Deaf Chef Ross does not charge GST

The Service Agreement:

  • We can review the Service Agreement at any time
  • We must advise each other if the Service Agreement needs to be updated or ended
  • The changes made to the Service Agreement must be done in writing on emails
  • We must write on emails of any changes made or end a Service Agreement for evidence

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