Terms of Service

The Terms of Service is an agreement between you and Deaf Chef Ross.

Service Agreement:

This Service agreement is a written agreement between Deaf Chef Ross and you, which defines the terms of our agreement and the way in which we will support you with your requirements. Most importantly, this agreement outlines how we will uphold your human rights and your right to choice and control over the services we provide you.

You can authorise another person to act and sign on your behalf. This might be an advocate or a family member. It must be someone you trust.

A Service Agreement is required by NDIS for the provision of services, and for claiming payment of services.

Schedule of Services:

  • Deaf Chef Ross agrees to provide the relevant services as per your NDIS Plan.
  • All invoices/quoted prices may include line items for accessories, set-up, and training as required
  • Deaf Chef Ross will supply a quote on your request

Responsibilities of the Provider Deaf Chef Ross:

The Provider agrees to:


  • Review the provision of services, to ensure they meet requirements.
  • Communicate with you, with regards to your NDIS equipment and services requirements in an open, honest and timely manner
  • Ensure that your personal information is handled and stored in a way that protects your privacy
  • Provide the services in accordance with relevant laws, including the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 and rules, and the Australian Consumer Law.
  • Keep accurate records on your Client’s database.
  • Supply an invoice to you or to your Plan Manager.

Responsibilities of the participant or representative:

The Participant agrees to:

  • Advise Deaf Chef Ross on how the services will be paid for (self-managed or Plan Management Provider) and supply all relevant information required for invoicing purposes
  • Inform Deaf Chef Ross about how they wish the services to be delivered to meet the participant’s needs.
  • Advise Deaf Chef Ross if there are any changes, including contact details


Deaf Chef Ross will seek payment for the services that have been provided, in line with the National Disability Insurance Agency price guide, at the date of service.

Changes to your Service Agreement:

If changes are required to be made to this Service Agreement, both yourself and Deaf Chef Ross must agree, and all changes must be in writing, signed and dated by both parties.

Providing Feedback and Complaints:

The NDIS Complaints Management and Resolution Rules 2018 provide clear guidance on your rights and responsibilities. We are required to ensure that we implement and maintain a system to manage and resolve complaints in a way that is easy for you to use and fair and efficient.

If you, your family or care-provider or advocate wish to provide feedback or make a complaint, you can do so in a number of ways.

Verbally by calling: 08 93704240

When you provide feedback or make a complaint, your complaint will be registered on our Complaints Register and a team member will review your case and reach out to you to discuss your complaint and work with you to find the best outcome.

Incident Management:

As a registered provider, the NDIS Incident Management and Report Incident Rules require us to track incidents and manage the reporting of certain incident types to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

Cultural and Language Requirement:

Please advise our staff of specific cultural considerations required by you at the time equipment assessment or delivery is arranged.

If Translating or Interpreting Services are required, you are advised to register with TIS National who will provide you with a client code. Call 131 450 (within Australia).


More information regarding how we handle your personal data can be found on the Deaf Chef Ross website under Policies.

If you feel your personal data has not been appropriately managed by Deaf Chef Ross, you have several options available to you including: Making a Complaint (refer para 6); or lodging a complaint to the Privacy Commission via: https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-complaints/ 

Service Bookings:

You, the participant and/or your Representative authorise Deaf Chef Ross to process and approve a Service Booking (nominate the type of service, dates of service and funding to be allocated to a given provider) on the Service Agreement with the quote provided.


Cancellation notice is 2 (work) DAYS or 48 HOURS

Clients will be required to give at least 2 business days’ notice if they want to avoid paying the full fee for cancelling an appointment.


  • If you need to cancel an appointment on Wednesday 1:30pm, you need to tell us before 1:30pm on Monday or earlier.
  • For cancelling Tuesday, you need to tell us before 12 noon on Saturday or earlier, because Sunday is the weekend.

A reminder is sent to you by email several days before your appointment. It will allow you some time to cancel an appointment before it is too late.

You must text the Coach if you are late for an appointment.

The appointment may still end on the finish time because of the following appointments.

Deaf Chef Ross will still charge the full appointment time.

 The Coach will wait for up to 30 minutes and will still charge for the full appointment time.

We will contact you to reschedule appointments that were cancelled.

Your overtime allocated funds will be used to pay for the extra appointment. If the allocation has run out, we will need to do a new service agreement if your NDIS plan has funds.

If the Coach will be late or cancels an appointment, they will contact you as early as possible.

Authorisation for the Service Agreement:

The participant and the person you have nominated to act on your behalf, known as your Representative, acknowledges:

  1. Have read and understand the Service Agreement document set out by Deaf Chef Ross
  2. Have signed this Service Agreement voluntarily.

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