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  • Get prepared for the cool weather and cases of flu ‘Shrooms to the Rescue!

Manage mild upper respiratory tract infections (reishi and Coriolus); have been used in traditional Chinese medicine over many centuries to help:

Manage mild upper respiratory tract infections (reishi and coriolus);
Relieve mucus congestion (reishi and cordyceps);
Support the immune system (shiitake); and,
Enhance energy and stamina and reduce fatigue (cordyceps).
Super Mushroom Complex blends these four mushrooms together, helping to support your immune response.

Load Your Freezer with Soup!

Soups make for excellent emergency meals if you start to feel sick. Set aside a day where you can prepare bases, using either chicken frames or vegetable peels with plenty of garlic, thyme and oregano, as these herbs are rich with antibacterial compounds which can help your immune system. Strain and freeze your soup bases. Then, when you need them, defrost and add fresh vegetables. Your future self will thank you!

Stock Up on Tea to Help Replace Your Fallen Fluids!

If you do get sick, one way to improve your recovery time is by topping up any fluids you’ve lost to fever or sweats with herbal tea. Herbs such as thyme, peppermint, liquorice and ginger steeped with a teaspoon of honey can help to decongest your nose and soothe your throat; giving you relief when symptoms arise.
  • With the seasons changing, days getting shorter and nights getting colder, boost your mood with healthy foods 🍏🍌🍒🌽🥑 #deafchefross #healthy #winter
  • Looking for a quick easy meal for the weekend? Look no further than this vegan fried rice !! Swipe to see the recipe ☺️#deafchefross #dinners #vegan #weekends
  • Nutrition is the most important thing you body need. Need some ideas on how to nourish your body? 
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