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Deaf Chef Ross delivers in Auslan about diets and healthy eating so you can lead a healthier lifestyle

Talk about food

This program is for people who want to improve their knowledge about food, healthy eating and making healthier choices. 

You will develop knowledge and skills on:

  • Choosing food that is healthy 
  • Know which foods are unhealthy
  • How to understand food labels 
  • How to eat the healthy way
  • Why nutrients are important
  • Which equipment can help with healthy cooking

    Help your health

    This program is for people who have specific health concerns, and want to understand how food may help manage health issues. 

    You will developing an understanding on:

    • The diet-related information given to you by your doctor or health specialist 
    • How to manage health conditions with healthy foods 
    • Suggestions on what you can and cannot eat 

    Plan your meals

    We can help you plan your weekly meals and snacks. They are helpful to:

    • Guide you on meals and ingredients to prepare
    • Use as a shopping guide  
    • Monitor your meal intakes 
    • Help you stay on track  
    • Review and adjust your diet regularly


      The workshop is for groups or organisations who want to talk about healthy eating.

      Workshops are for:

      • Organisations 
      • Families 
      • Students 
      • Community groups 
      • Elderly (or Aged Care)


      The workshop is for groups or organisations who wants to have a cooking class, cooking demonstration or talk about healthy eating.

      Workshops are for:

      • Organisations 
      • Families 
      • Students 
      • Community groups 
      • Elderly (Aged Care)

      The workshop can include the following:

      • Simple cooking class / demonstration
      • Food activities
      • Interactive discussion about food that are healthy / unhealthy

       Sign up for a workshop here: Workshop Form

      Step 1


      Talk about YOUR GOALS
      with Ross on Zoom

      Step 2


      Sign up AFTER the introduction

      Step 2


      Sign up AFTER the introduction




      Service fees


      “Thanks again for participating at the Festival. Your workshop was certainly one of the crowd favourites! Great idea to have the second camera too – it looked great on the stream.”

      Vibe Festival

      “I got a text message from one of the attendees praising your presentation. You were great; you adjusted your language and communication to meet the attendees’ needs, you’ve made your sessions very interactive, and people enjoyed it, and learned a lot from it.”

      Expression Australia

      “Deaf Chef Ross conducted a cooking session with our year 9-10 students who are learning Auslan as part of their mid-year exam. Ross was extraordinary in his patience and willingness to repeat information. No question was too silly. He brought fun to the session and had the students laughing throughout the 2 hours he was with them. 

      I can’t recommend Ross highly enough, he demonstrates care, understanding, and enthusiasm in all his interactions with people. Thanks Ross from all at Bannockburn College. See you again next year!”

      Deb Jarvis
      Bannockburn College

      “I enjoyed the workshop Deaf Chef Ross organised for people who play sports. The workshop was about nutrients in sports, and I have gained some knowledge what to eat pre, during and post-game. We were fortunate enough to have some smoothies to try. Thanks, Deaf Chef Ross for showing us new things to try! Loved one of the smoothies we learnt from the workshop!”

      Kielly Ryan
      Deaf Women’s Sports

      “It was really great to have a Deaf Chef explaining everything in Auslan and we all learnt a lot from him. The food we made on the day were really yummy and flavoursome. Thank you, Ross.”

      Tanya Tutty
      Deaf Butterfly Effect 


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