No, you can be anyone. We prefer to communicate in our first language, which is Auslan

We prefer to communicate in our first language, which is Auslan. If you do not have Auslan skills, we can try and communicate with you as visual as possible. It depends on the program you choose. If it requires communication, we may need to appoint an Auslan interpreter. 


If you are not deaf and you can sign Auslan, you are more than welcome to do a program with us. 

No, you can pay out of your pocket or use a funding source. 

Yes, especially for Learn to Cook programs because we cannot help you with using a knife. If anything happens in your kitchen during the program eg. you cut yourself or have an accident, the support person can help you. 

The support person works with us and help us guide you using the cooking equipment. 

The support person can be someone in your house or accommodation to help us guide you in your program.

The support person must be over 18 and responsible.

They can be:

  • a parent
  • a housemate
  • a family member
  • your support worker

Their role is to:

  • help guide you
  • hold the camera
  • communicate with us
  • remind you the tasks
  • help you in an emergency

It will be helpful if they have Auslan skills. If not, we can appoint an Auslan interpreter. 


We prefer age 13 and up. 

We charge for the services we provide you with. They are:

  • Planning - to plan your program
  • Delivery - that's the service we are providing in your program
  • Review and report - to see if you were happy with your program, goals achieved and any feedback for us
  • Resources - we develop resources for clients
  • Extra time - we always add 2 hours in the Service Agreement for just in case we go overtime. 


Since the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) we have changed the services to deliver via video calls. We use:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google hangout
  • FaceTime

We prefer to use devices with large screens ie. computer, laptop and tablets. Mobile phone screens are too small for the programs.

We need to see all of you and the tasks you are doing, and for you to see us. 

We have designed our services to deliver programs on video calls so we all can stay home and do cooking or talk about food and health. 

We cannot do visits at this stage during the pandemic. 


Choose a program on our home page and follow the instructions after the introduction. 

If your question is not here, you can send it using our Contact form: