Accessing our Services

Services are for people:


    • deaf or hard of hearing
    • deafblind or has vision impairments
    • with disability
    • hearing people
    • with or without a NDIS plan

    Language and communication:

    • fluent in Auslan
    • not fluent in Auslan (using signs and gestures)
    • use Auslan/English Interpreters

    We respect you as a person:

    • age
    • gender
    • identity
    • culture
    • religion
    • spirituality
    • previous refusal of services

    Location for your program:

    • online using video calls (preferred) 
    • onsite (large and small group workshops)

    Program Planning

    The introduction involves:

    • discuss your goals, objectives, and aspirations
    • discuss your aims to increase your independence
    • requirements for your program 

    The assessment involves:

    • your food interests
    • your knowledge and skills
    • tailoring a program for you