Privacy Policy

Your privacy

Your information is private.

Your details are kept in Halaxy

Halaxy is where doctors keep their patients’ information. It is safe. 

Who can access your information on Halaxy?

Only Deaf Chef Ross office administration

What is stored on Halaxy?


  • Information
  • Appointments
  • Documents
  • Notes
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Incident reports

Request for your information

You can ask Deaf Chef Ross for your information at any time.

Deaf Chef Ross administration will send your information directly to your inbox unless you nominate someone else in writing. 


Authorised persons from the NDIA (NDIS) may request Deaf Chef Ross to access your information for audit reasons.

Deaf Chef Ross will inform you if this happens.

Record-keeping and Evidence (notes from your program)

Record-keeping and evidence may include:

  • Observations of your knowledge and skills developments
  • Communication with you and your support people
  • Your program and achievements 
  • Your complaints or feedback, and suggestion of improvements
  • Incidents and reporting
  • Audits

Quality Improvement

  • Deaf Chef Ross will use the evidence for quality improvements
  • The evidence is to measure skill developments and achievements from your program

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