Healthy Eating, Mindfully

Healthy Eating

= the food that you are eating is full of nutrients


= being aware of the food that you are eating

Examples of mindful eating:

  • Focus on the food you are eating
  • Eat without rushing
  • Chew many times before swallowing
  • Feeling grateful for eating food with nutrients
  • Enjoy the taste and flavours
  • Do not drink while eating
  • Talk about the food with people who are eating with you

Examples of not mindful eating:

  • Watching the TV

  • Talking on the phone

  • Drinking and eating at the same time

  • Not realising what you ate until it is finished

  • Eating while working or in a meeting

  • Concentrating elsewhere, not on the food

  • Driving and eating

Beautiful mindful scenes

Eat your meals while you look at the slides. Choose one scene that makes you feel peaceful. Move the mouse on the picture to stop the slides, and stare into it while eating. Put your mind on the food you are eating. Enjoy the flavours. Appreciate its nutrients. Healthy Eating, Mindfully.

Photography by Ross Onley-Zerkel